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Wildfire models are increasingly common tools for understanding the social and ecological role of fire, and for allocating resources, mitigating risk  and for developing climate adaptation strategies. I have extensive experience in wildfire risk assessments for land managers, water providers, and communities.



Public lands are the backbone of local economies, community identity, and increasingly of climate adaptation strategies across the West. As a former National Forest Foundation fellow, I am well versed in NEPA, U.S. Forest Service programs and priorities, and future policy needs to protect public lands.


In addition to protecting landscapes, conservation requires building coalitions and communities of individuals committed to long-term relationships with the land. I have worked in the land trust community, in community forestry and with forest collaboratives to explore innovative conservation solutions.

Enthusiastic professional in the field of collaborative conservation and land management with a demonstrated commitment to working across political, social, and economic spectrums. Experience developing place-based solutions to natural resource challenges in different regions across the U.S. using both analytical and interpersonal skills. 

You cannot save the land apart from the

people, or the people apart from the land. 

// Wendell Berry 

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